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daryl brougham, AM show, Mark Richardson, through the eyes if a Foster Child
I Am – I Am A Survivor Of State Care - Daryl

I Am Tv series | 17 Jul 2018


ML Series Final. This week we follow Daryl's traumatic yet inspirational story of how he spent the first 18 years of his life in foster care.


daryl brougham, AM show, Mark Richardson, through the eyes if a Foster Child
State abuse survivor's story sparks emotional response from The AM Show host

By the AM show with Duncan Garner | 01 Feb 2018


Daryl Brougham's story moved The AM Show host Mark Richardson to tears, who said he would struggle to read Mr. Brougham's book Through the Eyes of a Foster Child. 

He wants to see the Government launch a Royal Commission of Inquiry and would like the police to be involved, and for those who committed abuse to be prosecuted.​


daryl brougham, attitude award
Daryl Brougham - Attitude Awards 2017 Finalist

By Attitude | 15 Oct 2017


Despite all the trauma he endured, Daryl holds no ill-feelings, anger or resentment, he simply wants to ensure others don’t suffer the same torture.

He helps others who have been through similar abuse and is passionate about improving New Zealand’s foster care system.

daryl brougham, Rockhampton morning bulletin
CYF overhaul: Former foster care child
Daryl Brougham speaks out

By NZ Herald with Sarah Harris | 30 March 2017


"You lose identity, you lose trust, you lose your sense of belongingness and you lose sentimental property.

"I've been robbed of happy memories."

daryl brougham, Rockhampton morning bulletin
Life in NZ: 'On track' at 21?
For some Kiwi kids it's an uphill battle

By NZ Herald with Nicholas Jones | 13 January 2017


"I don't get excited by stats and data. Even if you had all the data in the world, my question to the Government is what resources or what quality are you now going to put into that family, apart from assessment after assessment after assessment?"

daryl brougham, Rockhampton morning bulletin
From foster child, to author, to social worker

By Rockhampton morning bulletin with Chloe Lyons | 25 October 2016


"You wonder why a lot of foster children act out later, it's communication". "They're stressing, they're screaming for help."

In Daryl's eyes, the foster care system needs a shake-up, starting with education. "A lot more education needs to go into identifying the signposts of children's behavior, of identifying abuse.

daryl brougham, Pathfinders, Armidale express, new article, foster care, awareness
Daryl Brougham was failed by the foster care system as a child and now uses his experiences to educate others for Foster Care Awareness Week.

By Armidale Express with Madeline Link | 14 September 2016


We need to make communities aware, agencies aware that these are the impacts to foster children. To solve these problems, we need education for both foster carers and social workers about the experiences of children in care.

daryl brougham, the salvation army, war cry, news article, foster care, awareness
The foster child is God's child

By Salvation Army |  July 2016

Fixing CYF: 'We need to look through a child's eyes'

By Newstalk ZB with Larry Williams | 20 June 2016


We need to look at the problem through the eyes of the child. He told Larry Williams we need to look in the mirror and remember that we were once that child.

daryl brougham, john campell, police cell, CYF Children
Police cells not worst option for CYF children

By RNZ Checkpoint with John Campell | 12 May 2016

Former foster child and CYF worker Daryl Brougham speaks to Checkpoint about the revelations that almost 700 children and young people have been placed in police cells due to a lack of alternative options.

daryl brougham, ex-foster child, RNZ checkpoint
Daryl Brougham, John Campell
Daryl Brougham, John Campell, Check point, CYF changes
CYF changes not fast enough, ex-foster child says

By RNZ Checkpoint with John Campell | 7 April 2016

Daryl Brougham
Kiwi Families Guest Blogs


daryl brougham, foster child,
Daryl Brougham shares his story of life as a
foster child in new book

By ALASTAIR LYNN | Thursday Dec 3, 2015


"I don't own the book," he says. "The thousands of children in state care own that book because hopefully they are the ones who will see change from it.

"It's a tool, a framework. I would love to see it being used as an educational tool. It's crucial to show the impacts of state care.

Former foster child driven by upbringing

By Simon Collins | S5:00 AM Wednesday Dec 2, 2015


Mr Brougham, who has now left CYF and has two young children with partner Emily Gao, hopes to use his book to educate foster parents and social workers.

daryl brougham, re-think, foster care

Hosted by Stacey Morrison | Sundays 9.30am | Season 2 Episode 33 |TV3


Around 5000 children are currently in foster care in New Zealand and three and a half thousand of them are Maori. On ReThink, we look at the issues surrounding FOSTER CARE in Aotearoa and discuss what needs to be changed.

Native Affairs – Two million dollar kid

By Ruwani Perera | 8:30pm | Monday 19 October 2015


Daryl Brougham used to be called the 2 million dollar kid, because that's what his 18 years in State Care cost the New Zealand taxpayer.  While in CYF care, Daryl suffered significant amounts of abuse and neglect.

Daryl's now tells his story and speaks out about a broken system for the 5000 children he says have no voice.

Nine To Noon

With Presenter Kathryn Ryan | Wednesday 8 July 2015

daryl brougham, Te KAEA, foster care system
Māori former foster child wants to
help improve NZ's foster care system

By Rahia Timutimu | Friday 19 June 2015


He now wants to use his degree, and the money he received, to change the system as he knows first-hand what it's like.

daryl brougham, budget 2015, social worker
Budget 2015: 24 foster homes and 30 social workers - ministry says sorry

Tuesday | 19 May 2015


He always wanted to be a social worker.

"I think that's from living in state care. Most of the time I was the older child in the house and I would look after the young ones. That's grown with me."

He studied social work at Te Wananga o Aotearoa in Mangere and did his practical experience at Child Youth and Family where he lamented the heavy caseload.

He has also developed a programme to teach social work students what it is like to be in foster care and has run sessions for Child Youth and Family.

daryl brougham, foster care, apology
Foster care abuse recognised in apology

ALASTAIR LYNN | April 26 2015


As a boy Daryl Brougham was starved, forced to eat spiders and made to cut the lawn with a pair of scissors while in foster care. 

But 18 years of repeated physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse were not enough to break Brougham's spirit.

This traumatic period in his life prompted Brougham to now make it his life's mission to enact positive change.

"If I can change the lives of even 100 children out of the 3800 currently in foster care then I will have achieved something," he said.

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